Who are the friends?

Friends are the family that gave us the opportunity to choose, without having any blood connection, friends are those who support us and stay with us when the family can not stay.

They are those that are always present even when they are far away, the one that fight, one who comforts, who says when and where we was wrong and when we are rigth the same way, who knows when is the right time to talk and when it is not the right time your friend speaks anyway, because the true friends just want our good.

Exist friends that you recognize by the smell, by the sound of each step or by letter.

But there are friends that you also had the opportunity to choose, but for some reason we never saw them, for many reasons and similarities you have never met these friends and these friends you just can imagine, the smell, the letter, hair color, the sound of the voice, the sound of footsteps and prettier way as these friend would say nice things they always say.

With these friends from afar or close we know that we are never alone because they always are ready to help us.

Who has never had a friend as one brother, friend as one accomplice, or one friend as one boy or girlfriend?

A friend fits in all situations, and for this reason it is that their presence can never be replaced or forgotten. Every friends that goes through your life leaves their marks, and even if the years pass, we always will remember of something that lived with these friends.No matter if this friend is real or virtual, sometimes it will leave us to make some important thing and will help us without asking anything in return. And this we call friendship.

So thank today and tell your friends about their importance, because we never know when their heart can stop beating.

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