Why thorns exist in the way?

Some days the way seems to be longer and harder to follow and for this reason we have the feeling that we’ll never get there.

The the hardest days are those that the heart feels alone and your feet tired of walking and you cannot find a way out.

This way, full of obstacles, is called trial and no exist major obstacle in your way than the thorns that represent the hope that we lost during our walk.

Without hope, no motivation to arrive, to find the right way, to know that even with the way full of thorns, you must continue to be sure that the thorns also teach us that each obstacle has its reason to exist, and every obstacle that we pass we learn that we are able to overcome another one and learn a thing new, each moment.

Any obstacle is placed in our lives beyond our strengths and limitations, but is placed beyond our ability to believe, and when we believe that we can, we win.

And we always need to go through the hard ways and even that our hearts feel alone, but we are not alone, we always have the company of God’s miracles that helps to contemplate the beauty of flowers, the greatness of our win and makes us understand that before any trial we need to understand that it will always serve to teach us the best way forward.

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